Series: Can you see me?

The series is entitled “Can you see me?”. The central theme of the series is about the emotions and feelings that are connected with depression.Personally,I have been in and out depression and I wanted a way to somehow release my emotions and also create a reminder to keep fighting. These photos reflect each of these emotions I have felt during those times. I was inspired to make it into a series when I first created the photo “Save me” and challenged myself to only use my hands as the subject for each photo. Some of the images can be interpreted literally while others aren’t as straightforward. For example, the image “Contained”illustrates how it’s harder to be expressive when you’re a man and certain societal expectations forces us to contain whatever pain and sadness we feel.It also illustrates how that“container”isn’t going to hold everything in forever and would eventually break or overflow . Depression isn’t a widely discussed topic but it is a reality and a lot of people live with it every day. With this series, I am hoping that people will have a better understanding of the turmoil that people who suffer from depression go through