Seafrogs SaltedLine a6xxx Underwater Housing unboxing

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I’ve always wanted to do Underwater since I started photography. I wanted to create images that are surreal and magical, and Underwater images has always had that mysterious feel and surrealism. Probably one of the reasons is because we are not used to seeing those kinds of images normally.

I finally decided to invest in some good quality Underwater housing and also a separate camera for it. I Have a Sony A7ii for my land photos but I didn’t want to jeopardize my source of income if ever the housing floods or malfunctions. That’s why I went with getting a newer camera which is an Sony a6300. And to go with this camera I got an underwater housing from called Salted line a6xxx, specially made for Sony a6000 series Cameras.

A few things you get with the Underwater housing are of course the basics manual and instructions


You also got an extra O-Ring and Silicone grease for maintenance of your saltedline underwater housing. Some Moisture absorbing strips(Anti-fog sheet), these are useful when your camera is heating up and it creates moisture inside when the temperature of the water is cooler. Next, you get a swap kit for the a6000, If your camera is an a6000 you replace the rubber inside the housing with these ones so your buttons are in line properly with the camera. On the lower right is a zoom ring for the 16-50mm Kit lens, A viewfinder screeen rubber for the screen and eye-hole for the exterior of the saltedline housing.

On the Top side of the Saltedline underwater housing you get the shutter buttons and power button as well as a standard hot shoe. But what separates it for the usual Underwater camera housings is that it has a new feature called the vacuum pump system. You can basically check for leaks out of water by pumping the air out inside the underwater housing and the system would check if the pressure is okay and there isn’t any air coming into the saltedline housing. At the back, All buttons and dials are accesible as well as a zoom dial on the left side of the housing.

The features don’t just stop there, on the inside there’s a mositure detection system that would alarm and light up when there’s even a hint of water inside the underwater housing. Old underwater housings didnt have this feature and it certainly is a step-up from previous models.

I’m really excited to try this housing to my dives and make some epic underwater images for you guys!!